Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bed Rest and Brainstorms

This week has been spent 90% in the horizontal position.  I am taking it easy this evening after being in bed the entire day.  It's interesting the things you think about when you are too tired to be fully awake, but not tired enough to be in deep, REM sleep.  Those are usually brainstorming sessions for me.  So...I came up with an idea.  I have a journal where I have recorded the language development of my kids since it's such a fascinating topic to me.  Recently, I went through it and thought that I would share some of the cute things Haley and Darcy have said over the years.  I'll post one every day for the next few weeks under the title of "Out of the Mouths of Babes--a continuing series."  These posts might only be funny to me, but hopefully it will bring a smile to your day.  If nothing else, this series will remind me to celebrate the gift God has given me in Haley and Darcy.  


Haley was on the computer skyping (is that a verb?) with her Grammy and Papa last weekend, describing to them her first camping trip.  The conversation went like this:

"Haley, what did you think of camping?"

"Well, the first night we got there it was good.....that's because no one had a cold or a miscarriage yet.  But then it got bad because Daddy got a cold and Mommy got a miscarriage.  But, I didn't get a cold or have a miscarriage....(Chuckling to herself)....Well, actually, I CAN'T have a miscarriage because... I can't have a baby.....And I can't have a baby because.....(wait for know it has to be good.....) well, I don't have a residence permit."  


Dagný said...

hahaha! Oh I loved that!
That was hilarious.

Seriously love your girls. They are the most amazing children and always a joy to be around. :)

Josh and Jadey said...

That was great. What a good idea for you to journal that info. I love Haley and Darcy and definitely miss them!


The Long Famil said...

My sides hurt. That is hysterical! What a mind that little girl has! The way she puts things together is fascinating.

Kristen said...

annie, i don't know how many times i've retold stories of your children from your blog. definitely an excellent idea. i can't wait for more!!