Friday, May 21, 2010

Without Daddy

Yesterday morning, I went in to Darcy's new bedroom to wake her up (I'm too embarrassed to say what time it was...I guess they we're worn out).  She looked so precious, so I just watched her sleep and prayed for her and this whole transition.  She opened her eyes, stretched out her little arms, found my neck and gave me a classic, tight Darcy hug.  After a few moments of cuddling, she asked if she could wake up and sat up in bed.  Almost immediately, she fell into a little heap in my arms and started wailing, actually. 
"Darcy...WHAT in the world is wrong, honey?"
She looked up with the most pitiful expression of sorrow and pain.
"I just can't live without Daddy ANY LONGER." 
She collapsed onto my lap again.
"Oh, honey....I know it's hard," I empathized.
"I can't live WITHOUT SILLINESS any longer,"  she continued. 
"Oh, baby...Well, I can be silly!"  I tried to do a face that only Colby can do.
Apparently that only made matters worse and the cries became louder.  
"No!!!....You cannot be silly like Daddy!"
I gave up and just held her instead. 

Can everyone please say a quick prayer today that the volcano will not act up again and that the airport will be open on the day Colby leaves?  We REALLY need him on this side of the ocean!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Do it for the Money!

Got this article from a friend and thought some of you might enjoy it. It is a list of the Top Ten Lowest Paying college degrees. Very entertaining!

Here is #3:

3. Theology (starting annual salary: $34,800; mid-career annual salary: $51,500)
This is the perfect example of a degree earned by someone who's "not in it for the money": people who choose to study theology often feel they're pursuing a higher calling (and often feel a strong desire to do good in the world, no matter the cost).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Turn Back the Clock

As I was winding down the evening I thought I would take a peak at some old pictures of my favorite sweetheart before I fade off into never-never-land. I also thought it would be a fun way to celebrate the run up to her birthday next Tuesday. This picture was especially cute.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Thursday the girls and I headed to the airport in Keflavik, Iceland and said goodbye to Colby.  He'll be joining us in 2 weeks after he finishes up some stuff in Reykjavik.  Darcy was very angry and defiant after he kissed us goodbye, and it was obvious that she was just scared about the whole transition (especially without Daddy).  This was the kid's 22nd flight in the last 14 months, so they knew the drill.  They watched Angelina the Ballerina for the entire 5 hour flight and didn't make a sound. 

As we were descending into JFK airport in New York City, I started to get really hot, dizzy, nauseous, dehydrated and weak.  It was difficult to breathe and I knew I needed to do something immediately.  The flight attendants were all buckled in their seats in the back waiting to land, so I did the only thing I knew to do:  I stood up as much as I could with a seatbelt on and shouted, "I REALLY need some water;  Does ANYONE have any water?"  Waterbottles started flying toward me and I literally opened them up and poured them all over my head and body.  I tried to breathe slowly through my nose and control my breathing.  We landed and I was still so sick I thought I would need a wheelchair to get through customs and baggage.  I waited until everyone exited the plane and there were 3 women (one a nurse) who helped me get the kids and all our stuff off the plane.  Long story short, after eating a whole package of Fruity Mentos, I didn't need the assistance cart that was called and I managed to get our 7 bags and carseat through customs by myself where Colby's Dad was waiting for me.  He didn't recognize me because I looked like a drowned rat.  Haley (who was pushing Darcy in the stroller that was also loaded down with other stuff), got so excited when she saw her Pappy that she ran toward him and tripped, making Darcy and her stroller fall backwards.  Pappy came up to the scene (where people are having to walk around us) and started telling me about his adventurous trip to the airport and how he almost didn't make it because his car brakes caught on fire.  Needless to say, we made quite the entrance.

That night we drove through the night (to our bodies) and through the mountains to Colby's hometown.  Darcy threw up and I felt so sick and uncomfortable I just wanted to camp out on the side of the road. We're now recovering in PA with Colby's family and will head down to Virginia in a week.  We'll be living in Locust Grove, VA in a furnished home thats available there.  More later...