Thursday, July 31, 2008


I checked out a bunch of children's books from the library about moving to prepare the girls for the upcoming transition. If only it were as simple packing all of our stuff to go to a new house like all of the stories. Every item in the house requires a decision: will we NEED/want this in Iceland? Will we need this for the next two months in training? Is it worth it to keep this is storage for two years? Will we ever use it again? If I do get rid of it, will we just have to spend money to replace it in two years? Where the heck are we going to be in two years? Would someone benefit from using this while we're gone instead of storing it for two years? My head hurts with every closet I clean out. For example, when I cleaned out the girl's room yesterday I found both of their umbilical cords preserved in a small container. Okay, bad example...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Five Reasons why the "Moving" part of Moving ain't no Fun

5. When you are packing or putting stuff into storage, nothing is worth as much as it is when it is being used in your house.
4. Most of us have some sort of file full of things that seemed like they should be kept "just in case" (i.e. just in case I get audited by the IRS), but now must either be thrown out or take up precious space.
3. Most of the time you are trying to move your stuff while simultaneous using it in the last week you are in your house.
2. For me there is this nagging sense that I have to buy back anything that I throw away.
1. There is always more in your house than you can ever imagine or figure out how it all got there

Monday, July 28, 2008

Testing a new igoogle widget

I really like the functionality of igoogle. Now I am trying out a new quick-blog widget. If it works I should be able to quick post from my home page. It's sounds fun, but we will have to wait and see if it works.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

No apologies...

I don't need to make any excuses for the silent blog for the past two weeks. I highly recommend an occasional technology is good for the soul.

OBX in Pictures

We just returned from a week in Duck, NC with my entire side of the family. Here are a few priceless photos. Also, a quick plug for the exceptional Nikon D40.

As Times Change...

So must our blogging habits. In case you have not noticed, we have been placed on probation by the Pelt blog clearing house. I understand...but think it is a bit hasty and unwarranted; two out of the last three weeks we have spent disconnected from the information superhighway and the other week as a whirlwind. There was some small posting at my personal blog, but it does not register with the Pelt clearinghouse. Nevertheless I have come to recognize that with as significant a life change as we are going through we must make some adjustments. Our time, energy, and station of life no longer require separate blogs. Also, Annie has begged me to return and not placed any limitations on what I may post. At this point I will be posting at and nowhere else. 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yes, I am a binge blogger's just that I am finally finished with school for the semester (LONG semester) and we're leaving for camp I am getting caught up.  You know, I don't feel like I have to scrapbook anymore;  I'm pleased with how our memories are being preserved and shared through the blog.  

Helen Haley: Raw and Uncensored

This post is a celebration of my mother, also known as Nonny, Crazy Nonny, Helen Haley, H.H., the "fun" substitute teacher, and Mrs. Haley.  She asked me to take this picture of her for her facebook account.  When I was in Wisconsin, H.H was insistent that I come with her to her Zumba class.  What is Zumba you ask?  Zumba is a Latin American dance that involves very provocative moves to a rumba beat.  I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole experience:  twenty middle-to late-aged women in large t-shirts doing pelvic thrusts...and my mother next to me in her swimsuit (Hey...don't knock it till you've tried it...she said it was comfortable!).  I think I will stick to running.  My mother is so full of life, vitality, creativity, and unorthodox behavior that it would be selfish for me to keep all of these stories to myself.  The Helen Haley:  Raw and Uncensored post will be a way for me to celebrate her life with others and give everyone a good laugh in the process. 

"Darcy, say cheese and show us your missing tooth!"

Better luck next time.

This is for you, Mom

My cousin Kelly is staying in D.C. for the month of July while her husband works at the FBI Building.  We had a good visit on Thursday.

Our fourth

I am so blessed.  Some people cringe when they think of their mother-in-law or father-in-law visiting, but I get excited when my in-laws come to town.  Colby and I were both able to run the Fredericksburg  5 miler on Friday morning, we had a fun time at the parade, the girls enjoyed the fireworks at Lunga from underneath our make-shift tent, and with the help of Colby's Dad we were able to paint our bathroom in preparation for the renters.  Colby's mom and grandma are domestic goddesses and the house also seems to shine when they are here.  Thanks for all you do, guys!  Enjoy the girls while we're at camp (Thanks, Brett, Jennie, and Brooke for all your help this week, too!)  

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Darcy Doodle's Dental Disaster

Colby here.

Well we knew it would happen some time. One of our children would experience some sort of bodily injury and if we were lucky only lose a tooth. Tonight was the night and the playground was the scene of the crime. As Darcy made an attempt to climb something a little too difficult for her, she had a facial collision with a metal bar and knocked one of her two top front teeth. She took it like a champ. Cried for a little bit, but not really a whole lot.

...Her mother and sister on the other hand are a different story. Haley was concerned when Darcy fell, but watched eagerly as I assessed the damage. When I finally pronounced that Darcy had lost a tooth, Haley began weeping hysterically for her little sister. At one point I was taking care of Darcy who was not crying anymore and Haley and Annie were both crying uncontrollably. Darcy and I looked at each other thinking, "What in the world happened to those two?" Classic.