Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Darcy Doodle's Dental Disaster

Colby here.

Well we knew it would happen some time. One of our children would experience some sort of bodily injury and if we were lucky only lose a tooth. Tonight was the night and the playground was the scene of the crime. As Darcy made an attempt to climb something a little too difficult for her, she had a facial collision with a metal bar and knocked one of her two top front teeth. She took it like a champ. Cried for a little bit, but not really a whole lot.

...Her mother and sister on the other hand are a different story. Haley was concerned when Darcy fell, but watched eagerly as I assessed the damage. When I finally pronounced that Darcy had lost a tooth, Haley began weeping hysterically for her little sister. At one point I was taking care of Darcy who was not crying anymore and Haley and Annie were both crying uncontrollably. Darcy and I looked at each other thinking, "What in the world happened to those two?" Classic.

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beckers said...

poor darcy! she is def. a fighter though! and fyi, its a definite, you will see me and michele on monday. please bring chick-fil-a sause. love you. dont laugh at me if i cry when i see you. i heart you all and goodnight!