Friday, May 21, 2010

Without Daddy

Yesterday morning, I went in to Darcy's new bedroom to wake her up (I'm too embarrassed to say what time it was...I guess they we're worn out).  She looked so precious, so I just watched her sleep and prayed for her and this whole transition.  She opened her eyes, stretched out her little arms, found my neck and gave me a classic, tight Darcy hug.  After a few moments of cuddling, she asked if she could wake up and sat up in bed.  Almost immediately, she fell into a little heap in my arms and started wailing, actually. 
"Darcy...WHAT in the world is wrong, honey?"
She looked up with the most pitiful expression of sorrow and pain.
"I just can't live without Daddy ANY LONGER." 
She collapsed onto my lap again.
"Oh, honey....I know it's hard," I empathized.
"I can't live WITHOUT SILLINESS any longer,"  she continued. 
"Oh, baby...Well, I can be silly!"  I tried to do a face that only Colby can do.
Apparently that only made matters worse and the cries became louder.  
"No!!!....You cannot be silly like Daddy!"
I gave up and just held her instead. 

Can everyone please say a quick prayer today that the volcano will not act up again and that the airport will be open on the day Colby leaves?  We REALLY need him on this side of the ocean!


Anonymous said...

I am totally praying for you Annie and your girls. I am glad your dad and mom are there with you. Much love.

Anonymous said...

Oh duh - I am praying for Colby too and that the volcano will calm down so Colby can come home to you.