Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Great Christmas Race '09

Annie made a scavenger hunt for the girls to find their final Christmas gift. We made it into a great race and included an appearance from own version of the villain Glanni Glæpur. It was filmed by Annie on our new Flip Ultra HD (Merry Christmas).
sorry for the poor video quality...still working on formats


Jennifer said...

We did an outdoor hunt last year and it was a BIG hit. This year we did an indoor hunt with clues for the boys separately and it was so much fun!! This is a go for every year and the clues will get harder:) Love you guys and glad to see yal had a good Christmas.

beckers said...

so, i watched this with Jason and Tracee tonight...just one question, for now... the train noise, what was that?
creepy villan sounds made me laugh, and colby's creepy voice too.
Haley had the perfect reactions to it all, she has definitely matured much because i remember a time when the wierd voice thing would have sent her into tears hiding behind annie...
dont deny it, ive witnessed it first hand! lol
great video! totally a garman moment and lovin it! yall are great. (fyi, the video was a pretty awesome Christmas blessing for your readers, at least for me it was)
Love you!

beckers said...

oh, and darcy, your magnifying glass findings and your trickery with colby were adorable, and your commentary annie, AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

What a fun tradition you have created!!!! You remind me so much of your mom and the ideas she had Annie. She used to play with us - by doing stuff with us like that. And I remember learning SOOO much from her in 4th grade because she did things like this. Made learning interesting and fun. What a Christmas surprise!! A scavenger hunt! How awesome is that??