Friday, January 8, 2010

Helen Haley Meets Reykjavik, Iceland

We surprised the kids early this morning with their last Christmas present (In Iceland, Christmas lasts until January 6th).  Check out the excitement here:

Colby and I both had to go to school, so the babysitter still came to watch the girls while Nonny got some rest.  Now, as you know, 90 percent of Icelanders speak proficient and fluent English.  Only old people and young kids don't know English.  Our babysitter, Halla (in her 20's), is no exception.  Nonetheless, after I introduced them, mom started to speak LOUDLY and SLOWLY, waving her hands, using SIGN LANGUAGE to try to communicate with Halla. It was a classic moment.

Classic Moment #2:  Darcy did her nightly routine of spilling her milk at dinner.  Tonight, however, instead of getting frustrated, I watched in amazement as Nonny stood up, arms in the air shouting, "Hold it! HOLD IT!  I know JUST what to do!  I brought something with me for THIS VERY THING!"  Colby's eyes got big as we waited for her to rummage through her suitcase, watching the milk edge closer and closer to the end of the table.  After unsuccessfully finding THE STRAW that she had packed for "a time such as this," and telling us of her concern about the rising price of milk, she then proceeded to put her lips onto the table and suck up the spilled milk.

And that was only DAY ONE.  It's going to be a fun 10 days!


Carrie Fairy Thoughts said...

Such a lovely surprise! No one forgets Mrs. Haley! I was talking to Kelly Simpson, Danny, and Liz about her last night. Sorry I haven't commented in a while - I went very private for a bit. Hayley and Darcy are still so beautiful and georgeous. I see so much of you Annie in your mom now and the girls I see you in their eyes...WOW....What a great Christmas present.

Heather Zealand said...

How about the time when your mom "snuck" into the dorm and pretended to be a student??? Good times! Enjoy your time with her!