Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dinner with Deb

 Since we moved to Iceland, we have tried to invite people over every week to share a meal and get to know eachother.  This spring, with going to school every day, getting pregnant, and experimenting with different ways to meet people, we have really been strained.  Solution: Our friend Deb is in school learning to be a master chef.  She doesn't have a kitchen in her tiny apartment and really loves to experiment with food and cook for friends and family.  One day she came over to make lasagna and that night as we all ate it, we came up with a plan that I like to call a WIN, WIN, WIN.  Once a week Deb comes over to cook and we invite people over to eat it that night.  Darcy absolutely loves to be in the kitchen and has helped make homemade bread, baklava, spinocopida, pan-seared salmon, glazed carrots, garlic pasta, mint rice, sheperd's pie, monkfish, and peanutbutter cheesecake just to name a few. One dessert that Deb made engaged all of your taste buds at the same time (chocolate cake topped with homemade icecream, pickled apricots, and toasted cashews).  It was brilliant.  I feel so fortunate to eat a  restraunt-grade meal each week and am picking up a lot of hints from the professional.  If you need any cooking tips, you can take a number and I'll try to get back to you (Oh, the irony...yes, I know).
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