Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Boston Aquarium pics

We were finally able to get a internet connection on our computer so we can show pictures of our time in Boston. The girls loved the aquarium...The entire time that we were walking up and around the giant aquarium with sharks and sting rays circling, Darcy shook her head and repeated, "don't open it!" We had lunch at Quincy Market and the girls chased pigeons around in the sunshine. Haley and Darcy are loving being with "Dunkle Tsane."


Josh & Jadey said...

That is a fun aquarium. Josh, Kevin Dowker and myself visited it, when we did our back backing in Boston trip!

beckers said...

i love the penguins!!!!!!

its been wierd with out the garmans for a week. i had become accustomed to seeing the yall on thursdays, and of course sundays and wednesdays...this is gonna be an odd adjustment when i leave in a week! im gonna miss yall SOO MUCH!!!

MelissaSnider said...

I think we should read some other literature but, did you watch that video???!!! If not for health reasons, I think morally, I cant support animals being treated that way..Maybe organic, well-treated animals who are killed in a humane way. (way too expensive) I know that I am too easily convinced...but I think Jeff and Colby have a good point.