Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My brother visited last weekend and we had a great time together. Thank you, Andrew, for flying from Connecticut to visit us! Darcy woke up Sunday morning and said, "Ukkle Andoo?" and I had to explain to her that you were gone already. Haley commented, "I like Uncle Andrew. He does fun things with me....mommy, can YOU do fun things with me?" Feel free to visit us in Iceland..the girls will be waiting!


Katrín said...

You're back in Iceland now?? I will have to come hang out with you guys! Did you just arrive? I saw that Colby is going to lead worship at the Sunday Service this weekend so hope to see you at the gospel festival :)

Katrín said...

...or I mean, he'll be singing at the service... don't know about who leads the worship :oP I misread things, hehe. Anyways, hope to see you guys!