Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Saturday

Last Saturday we went with Pillar to the National Zoo. To add to the excitement, we picked up a "gorilla" who was holding a sign "Take me to the zoo." Ruthe Clifton hid under the bus, Darcy wrapped her legs tightly around me, and Haley Jane said, "Hey, my daddy has that mask!" When the gorilla got on the bus, however, Haley Jane was not so sure.
It was a good day seeing many animals and enjoying fine company. Right at 2:00 (the time we were told to meet at the entrance to leave), the heavens opened up and we were in the midst of a torrential downpour; To add to the drama, we were sitting right under a leaky gutter. After waiting patiently for our bus to pull up, I soon learned that Clint and Jonathan (the driver) were hiding out in the Ape house.
I was trying to make the best of it ("Haley,'s like we're behind a waterfall!"), but when the wind changed directions and started blowing the waterfall in our faces, the screaming started and the fun and games were over. Good news: at 3:00, Jonathan finally came with the bus to save us. It was a very memorable day.


beckers said...

Garman family,
i miss you!!! theres not much else to say but that cause that alone says it all...!
love you! give the girls hugs for me please! dont let them forget me!

beckers said...

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to darcy, i realize im a week late though...