Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Ville

Every Thursday, if we have not heard from immigration yet, we plan out our next week. Last Thursday Colby decided to take another J-term/intensive class at Southern Seminary. He's now decided to work towards a Masters of Divinity through Southern which is mainly an online degree with some on campus requirements.

This weekend we were able to visit the Speed Art Museum for their Family Fun Day exhibits and I had a blast reliving my middle-school art class days. On Sunday we were invited to a new church to share about Iceland. This is the 5th different church in a row that we have gone to. After the service, Haley's Sunday School teacher came up to me to ask who we were and to get our story straight. Apparently this is the conversation she had with Haley during church:

"Hi, honey....where are you from?"
"Well.....I came from Tennessee."
"Tennesee, oh okay. Well, do you live in Kentucky now?"
"Ummm...yes, I live in the Kentucky house."
"Oh....Do your parents own the Kentucky house?"
{distressed face} "No..."
"So, you are just visiting the Kentucky house?"
{Napoleon-Dynamite-sigh-of- frustration} "I don't know...I'm going to Pennsylvania."
"Maybe I should just talk to your mommy."

We have reconnected with old Liberty friends that are here at the Seminary and also saw Kent and Sherri Patterson last night. Our house is less than a mile from Church Hill Downs (Home of the Kentucky Derby) and the University of Louisville. Being here this past week I have learned that Louisville is pronounced neither LOUIS-ville (like it is written), nor LOUIE-ville (like one would suspect), but rather LOO-A-VULL.


Kristen said...

both my roommates are from louisville. apparently if you pronounce it one way, a louisville resident will tell you "no, it's the other way!" i've discovered though if you just mash all the syllables together, nobody knows the difference... :)

beckers said...

haha same thing happened to me with a friend down here.

Cindynlow said...

Annie, I LOVE your blogged conversations...they are the best. You are too. :-)