Saturday, May 9, 2009

England trip

Top Ten Highlights of our Need-to-get-out-Iceland-because-we can't-be-here-too-long-on-our-passports-England-trip:

10. Traveling with 2 kids, 2 car-seats, one suitcase, and 6 carry-on's through a total of 4 airports and 6 train stations.

9. Discovering that metro stations in London do not have lifts (elevators) and trying to carry all of the above mentioned items up various escalators....Darcy falling down the escalator as Colby and I struggle helplessly to carry all our stuff.

8. Accepting help from a woman who offered to carry some of our bags up the next escalator.... Watching in disbelief as she ignorantly stops at the top of the escalator to explain Colby directions, creating a blockage in the escalator exit...Feeling like I am in a movie as the line I am in continues to back-up and I, with Darcy in stroller, are being pressed together with everyone else in the line...The stroller wheel getting stuck in the escalator and further complicating the problem.

7. Finally arriving at the house we were staying at in Birmingham and discovering cherry-blossoms in full bloom in the back yard. Nearly crying with gratitude...feeling like God was giving me my own personal Cherry Blossom Festival (my favorite thing about living near D.C.).

6. Walking along the old, cobblestone streets of downtown Birmingham beside a canal trail, listening to endless rounds of the new song Haley Jane composed ("There's a rainbow in my eye with the sun...").

5. Making some new friends from our organization and letting them take us to the local attractions (Tamworth Castle, Flower Maze, and Lichfield)

4. Seeing people of every nation and color speaking with a British accent.

3.Seeing the birthplace of Shakespeare and the reaction on Colby's grief-stricken face when I told him I'm really not a fan of Shakespeare....Hearing his reaction: "I wouldn't tell anyone that; It really says more about you than him."

2. Flying to Copenhagen at the end of the week and biking around the city with a free "community bike."

1. Getting on the plane to return to Iceland and feeling at home with the even minutely familiar.

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