Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haley is 5!

I feel like I have committed a crime in the blogosphere by not blogging about my child's birthday.  Yes, Haley turned 5 last month and is now officially a little woman.  She never ceases to amaze me and I cannot get over her brains and beauty (the killer combination).   Haley has made a few friends the last 9 months and it was fun to invite them and see them all play together.  She wanted to play Go Fish and Old Maid, so those were the party games.  We made a creative, crazy crayon recipe and gave them out at the end only to find out that they don´t give away goodie bags at birthday parties here.  Instead, Icelandic birthday parties usually involve LOTS of cakes.  We only had one.  One little one.  Oh well...we´re learning.
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Pelt Family said...

no goodies bag in Iceland, Bethanee and Jackson would not stand for such injustice.

beckers said...

Happy Birthday Haley!

annie, i need an address, i cant miss the bdays again!!!
love you all

Bunchacrunch said...

Hi Annie,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Haley!! It's ur cousin Barbara from Miami.:-) I know that it has been foreva since we last saw each other, but I wanted to reach out and say "hello" and that I really enjoy reading ur blog!! It is very entertaining and extremely well written. I am sure that u could write a book from it! I have been spending a lot of time in bed and have read almost the entire thing. The reason for my bed rest is my awful nausea and vomiting - yes, I am pregnant!It is my first one and I am 3 months into it now and praying the awful nausea will stop soon! You have actually inspired me to start a blog on the pregnancy in the New Year as I am not telling a lot of people that I am pregnant yet. :-) xoxo