Saturday, June 12, 2010

Counting our blessings

We're very grateful...
1.  That the mid-wife in Iceland saw something wrong in the ultrasound.  Apparently this can go unnoticed in the ultrasound and obviously then be really upsetting to find out right after birth.
2.  That we both got out of Iceland before the ash came to Reykjavik.
3.  That we have a beautiful, FURNISHED house in a gorgeous area to stay in during this hard time.
4.  That UVA Children's Hospital is only 1.5 hours from our house here and that the staff there is so helpful.
5. That some guy named Fontan figured out how to connect the Superior and Inferior Venacavas to the Pulmonary Artery back in 1968 and therefore allow babies to live with a single left ventricle.
6.  That people have donated dimes and quarters over the years to the Ronald McDonald House and we have the option of staying there for the long recovery in NICU.
7.  That we have so many friends and family to support us during this time and help with Haley and Darcy.
8.  That we have good insurance.
9.  That our doctors are saying things like, "There are a lot of reasons to be positive about this" instead of "I'm sorry...there's nothing we can do."
10.  That whether it's worst case scenario or best case scenario, there is hope in Christ.


Daniel & Bethany Cecil said...

Thanks for your positive post. We are praying for you and your family here in Brazil.--Daniel & Bethany Cecil.

Veroníka said...

Amen and AMEN!