Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Virginia Rain

In Iceland, kids go outside EVERY DAY for recess....It doesn't matter if it's hailing, snowing, raining, sleeting, or all of the above. I was asking Haley's teacher about this and expressed some of my concerns. Her response: "Well, if it's so windy that the kids can't stand up, then we let them come inside."

Wow... how thoughtful.

I'm not knocking the Icelandic way. Icelanders are the toughest people I've ever met, and toughening is something the Garman girls need a little bit of.   It was with great delight that I watched my kids run out in the rain and play during the first Virginia rain shower.  Thank you, Iceland....

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Anonymous said...

Yes - I think toughening up is a good characteristic. I look at Svala who is a family member on Josh's side - and she is a good mom and raises her kids a little differently. They are tough kids. I adore her and all her Icelandic ways and foods - YUM! I remember my mom letting me play in my swimsuit in the rain!! Loved EVERY minute...We couldn't when it was thunder or lightening out though. Also, this is off topic - What kind of camera do you use?? Your photos are awesome. you Annie Brogan!