Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Fundraiser

When the kids were in PA for 10 days during Gracie's surgery, they spent hours doing Perler Bead Projects.  Now we have a huge zip loc bag full of these things.  Darcy came up with the idea to have a store, and I guided the entrepreneurial effort by suggesting the profits could go to the local crisis pregnancy center.  We had a speaker from CARE NET Pregnancy Resource Center come the other week and the kids have been filling up a baby bottle with change to give to this organization.  If anyone is interested in buying some of their products, let us know! We will have our "store" in the bag wherever we go the next few weeks.  The store has also expanded to include the boat Haley made at the Children's Museum, a purse Haley made from old fabric and tape, and buttons that Darcy found who-knows-where.  They're not as tasty as girl scout cookies, but we hope to fill many baby bottles with change from this fundraiser!


Veronika said...

We are also filling up our bottle for Care Net!

I think I could use two perler projects and some buttons for sure! When can I come by and purchase them?

Anonymous said...

This is so neat! Can you message me your address - I will buy something from Haley and Darcy!!!

Annie Garman said...

Next Monday works for us! This visit is LONG overdue; aren't we nearly neighbors now?

thanks! We'll send you some when you send your address!