Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pros of Homeschooling: Part 2

Another big advantage of homeschooling (especially in this area) is the opportunity to reinforce your lessons with field trips. We have really taken advantage of living only 35 minutes from our nation's capitol and used it to our advantage. For example...

Math SOL 1.3: The student will count backward by ones from 20.

On one of the "it-is-too-perfect-weather-to-be-inside" days this year, we headed to DC for a picnic. Since I knew we were focusing on this standard, all day long as we crossed the streets, we counted down from 20 with the streetlights. By the end of the day, this skill was mastered! And we all got a fun break from the daily grind.

Science SOL 1.5: The student will investigate and understand that animals have life needs and specific physical characteristics.

We happened to schedule this just right by going to DC's National Zoo on that gorgeous 70 degree day in February. For the first part of our time there, we discussed and pointed out habitats, coverings, defense mechanisms (no, not MINE...animal's....), and life needs.

History SOL 1.2: The student will describe the stories of American leaders (Abraham Lincoln, George Washington) and their contributions to our country.

This one was too easy. Lunch on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (complete with reading the Gettysburg Address) and the National Museum of American History where the exhibit Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life showcased many artifacts from his life including one of his top hats.

I'll stop there because I think you get the idea, but my kids have visited numerous Civil War battlefields, George Washington's home and grave, the White House, an art studio in Old Town Alexandria, and many of the Smithsonian Museums. I realize that some people don't have access to our (free!) National Museums, but I think the world is a classroom and there are many rich learning moments everywhere. A big advantage of homeschooling is getting to show them to your children yourself.


Mary Nason said...

Would you like to be my mom, too? :)

Anonymous said...

That is one thing I like about homeschooling and I have heard it from a TON of parents is that you can take your children to national monuments, museums, and teach them what is true and right...and show them the actual things you talk about in school. FUN! Your mom was so creative as my 4th grade teacher. I know you are an awesome mom and teacher. :) Colby too.

gnrlstudies07 said...

I completely agree with this post. Homeschooling did wonders for my sister, brother and I. So much so, when I reveal to friends and co-workers that I was homeschooled they aren't surprised because I am so smart and acclimated to issues and learning, but are surprised that I am not weird or introverted. I visited so many different types of places with my parents during our lessons, museums, art exhibits, state capitols, everywhere they thought had a lesson, we went. And here I am now, not succumbing to a lot of the issues the majority of little black girls educated, entrepreneur, Christian ... it was a blessing to have such informed parents.