Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Warning to all Parents: Beware of the swivel chair!

Yesterday afternoon I brought the girls down to the basement so they could play in a different part of the house with some different toys. I was doing some work on the computer as they played many rounds of "spin Darcy around on the swivel office chair." After 5 minutes, I was beginning to get dizzy just seeing them out of my peripheral. When I told them they were going to get sick, Haley said, "No we're not; we love this!" I remembered being little and not being as affected as I am now by merry-go-rounds and rolling down hills. I let it go and figured they would be fine. Ten minutes later, the phone rang and I was chatting with Josh Burke when I noticed Darcy was looking a little white as she rode for the 97th time in a circle. I tried to motion to them to stop as I was talking, but the next thing I can remember is Darcy crawling into my lap and throwing up all over me, herself, and the carpet. I hope all of you are spared from a similar experience. I will leave you with a more pleasant picture of Darcy than the one I just described to you.

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