Sunday, January 20, 2008

We have an announcement to make!

No, I'm not pregnant. This may be news to some of you, and I apologize that we have not been able to call everyone personally...but, that's what a blog is for, right? We made an announcement to our church last Sunday and to Stafford Baptist's church plant, Pillar, this morning. We are applying through the International Mission Board to go back to Iceland as missionaries for two years. This week we finished a very lengthy application process, and if all goes well, in April we will be interviewed for a week in Richmond. Colby would then resign his position at Stafford Baptist in July after we attend our final youth camp July 7-11. In August, we would go to Richmond for a 7 week training with the girls and October/November we would Lord willing be in Iceland. We are asking our church family and whoever is willing to pray for us as we take steps in this direction. We trust that God is in control, and with Him in the driver's seat, we are along for quite a ride this time!


Dagný said...

Ok I don't know if you'll notice this comment but that's such exciting news!!
Hopefully that will all work out ... it would be amazing to see you guys again! :)
p.s. my email is if you guys wanna email me sometime hehe :)

nad said...

Colby and Annie,
Great, great news! Our daughter Johanna was all excited when she told us last night, that you guys are applying to come back to Iceland, and we too are excited. One question, is Colby still coming in March?

Gudrun & family