Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost done...

I wrote this on Monday, but blogger was down for some reason:

 Well, we made it through last week and all the responsibilities thereof. Last week we met with our regional office of W. Europe all week and enjoyed a more intimate setting than usual (usually we are in a group of 250). One of our assignments for the week was to research our country and people group and do a presentation to our supervisor and colleagues. It was interesting to learn so much about Icelandic history and the history of Christianization there.

I was also surprised to learn how Iceland got it's name. I had heard (and naively repeated) that the first settlers of Iceland deceivingly named it that so that no one would go there. The reality of the matter is (according to Wikipedia), the first Scandinavian settler, Hrafna-Floki, named the country after spending his first cold winter there and seeing a fair amount of drift ice in the fjords.  

This weekend, I was reminded of how much I have parroted that statement as we were driving together through downtown Richmond.

Haley Jane- "Mommy, Miss Kathy has been showing my class a lot of pictures of Iceland."

"Wow, honey...that's great..."

"But...there are a lot of people there."


"But...I thought you named it Iceland so that no one would go there."

 I formally apologize to anyone that I have led astray by my ignorance.


Diana said...

Wikipedia is right, it was Hrafna-Flóki that named the country.....hope it wasn't me that started this confusion, hehe

Annie Garman said...

Couldn't have been you...