Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Wall

We only have 1 1/2 weeks left of FPO. Some serious fatigue has been setting in here. We went through "stress-innoculation" training, which was....(what else) stressful. The worst part about it was that it went through the weekend, and we didn't get much of a rest. Back at it Monday with more sessions. I have been feeling like I can't absorb ANY MORE INFORMATION. My brain literally hurts at the end of the day. Learning Icelandic on top of everything else is just a lot. To top it off, the immunization of the week this week was Tetanus and I was up from 1:00am to 6:00am in a tormenting pain last night. I hate shot days.

Okay, I'm starting to sound really negative, so let me focus on some highlights:
1. The Pelts came down to visit us last week and it was encouraging to see familiar faces.
2. The girls on our Europe team offered to give us a date night, and we took them up on it. Nothing like a little downtown Richmond at twilight to ease the mind.
3. The whole FPO went on buses to DC on Thursday for a cultural experience. We met Dave and Nancy at a French bistro in Dupont Circle and got into some good conversations with some internationals later in the afternoon.
4. We are now in North Carolina getting ready to make an Iceland presentation tomorrow at Josh Dickinson's church. One of our jobs as IMB personnel is to mobilize Southern Baptist Churches to pray for our family and the work in Iceland.

Please pray that we can make it through this next week. There are many presentations and books that are due this week. I feel like I'm in college again...only finals week is MUCH WORSE when you have the responsibilities of being a parent, too!

On more thing to pray for: VISAS are not looking good. We are praying that we can get into the country by early November because Language school starts November 10th.

Looking forward to being in stafford in two weeks!


beckers said...

hey how long are yall in stafford?
praying for yall! love you and stay strong!

Annie Garman said...

3 days...not long

beckers said...

if you can spare five minutes when you are in stafford, i would love to hear from you, if not i understand and dont worry about it. love you all.