Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last night, an hour after I put the girls to bed, Haley came into my room looking perplexed.
"Mommy, I'm very scared about something."
"What are you scared about, honey?"
"I'm very concerned about the Vikings."
Oh my word...Did her preschool-teacher have to be so thorough in her explanation of Icelandic history?
"Haley Jane...don't worry...the Vikings are not there any more."
"Are they in jail?"
"No...but they lived many, many years ago and they have all passed away by now."
"Are you sure about this?"
"Yes, I'm sure."

By this time, Darcy had waddled in behind her sister repeating, "I scair-ewed I-kings."

The girls are doing a really good job with the transition, but there have been many nights that Haley has been very concerned about something. She takes the Bible stories we read to her very seriously and was very scared last week about the "bad soldiers" who killed Jesus. She wanted to know where they were and if her life was in danger, too. It has been amazing some of the spiritual conversations we have gotten into with her. Pray for continued guidance and wisdom to shepherd their little hearts!


David Fauth said...

Does Haley Jane know about the Minnesota Vikings?


Was Annie excited when the Packers won last night?

garmancj@comcast.net said...

good one...
I hardly have enough time every day to brush my teeth let alone keep up with football. Looking forward to staying at your house, though!

garmancj@comcast.net said...

colby wanted to make sure that I clarified that the above comment was mine. (the guy is way too concerned about his image)

Cindynlow said...

For the record, I knew that Comment #2 was from Annie. :-)

beckers said...

haha annie, you crack me up!