Monday, December 1, 2008

The Best Daddy Ever

While the girls were extolling my virtues for gifting them with a new set of watercolor paints this morning, I took the opportunity to lead them in a, "Daddy is the best!", cheer.
After doing so, I asked the question, "Is there any Daddy better than this Daddy?"
"Do you mean in the whole world?, Haley inquired.
"Well of course, is there any better?" I responded.
Without giving it a thought Haley quickly informed me, "Well...yeah."
"Who is it?", I wondered aloud.
Haley paused for a moment looking a bit uncomfortable, "I don't think I want to tell you..."
After assuring her that I wouldn't be offended I pressed for an answer, "It's OK, you can tell me; I would love to learn from such a wonderful father!"
"Well Ok", Haley began, "It's Mr. Jason [Pelt]."
I gathered my composure, I was...I was..., convinced that she must be right. She has made a simple observation of his superior wisdom and joyful fathering and I must agree with her, thankful to be consider in the same breath. I was not finished with the conversation and had to know, "What is it that you like so much about Mr. Jason?" As though there was no real debating she answered, "Well, it's because he..."

For those of you who know Jason, how would you fill in the rest of this sentence?

1 comment:

Nancy Fauth said...

because he...

a. has mastered the pop-in
b. can MC a 3 on 3 tournament
c. is not semi-retired