Friday, April 3, 2009

April 2nd

In college, the girls in my dorm referred to Colby as the "guy who has already written a song for the girl he is going to marry." You can imagine how this rumor affected the myriad of single college girls who were desperate for a rock on their finger before graduation.  Although I was determined to be the non-conformist and not succumb to marriage, I can remember hearing about this song from my roommate and thinking to myself, "Whoever gets to marry him is the luckiest girl in the world."  On April 2nd, 2001,  Colby played the song for me at an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway as the pink and orange sunset exploded in the sky below.  
Every year I forget the "anniversary" of our engagement.  It's a reversal of the norm, but Colby never lets a year slip by without celebrating it in a small way.  Last night he played the song for me again.  The words seemed especially impactful at this leg of the journey:

So many bridges we've crossed
So many miles we've walked
He's seen us through this far
I know wherever you are

I want to be there to say
You'll make it through another day
I want to hold you so you know I'll never turn away
His love will see us through
So I am patiently waiting

Today has been the most mentally stressful day that we have had since we've been here.  We were told the decision would be made by today, and after a morning and afternoon of butterflies and pacing the house, we received the news that...the decision has not yet been made.  The only thing we can do is wait.  I am so thankful for how much Colby and I have grown together these past 8 months. God has really done a work in our marriage these past 7 1/2 years to make us a team. Going to training together, language school together, the gym together...everywhere together has been an adjustment, but a huge blessing.  There is no one else in the world I would rather be on a tiny lava rock in the middle of the North Atlantic with. 


Josh and Jadey said...

I almost cried, sincerely! Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet. I didn't know the background that had to go with how he proposed with the song...But I remember you telling me that he sang to you. This is so romantic. Isn't it weird that we got married just a week apart?? You had the most beautiful wedding Annie. I was so happy for you and still am. I am so thankful to God for Josh too...If I had to be on a piece of lava rock in the ocean - I would want Josh by my side. Marriage has had its ups and downs...but we are so blessed. And you have a great guy Annie Brogan.