Monday, April 6, 2009

Your turn

Many Icelandic words are like a riddle to figure out. Anyone interested in seeing how many Icelandic words they know? Now, there is no cheating, Icelanders are not allowed to play, and there will be a small prize for the winner (if they come to visit us here in Iceland).
What is a...
1) ljosmydin --(Ljos: light, myndin: picture)
2) bifvélavirki-- (bif: moving, vela: machine, virki: maker)
3) auglýsinger -- (Aug: eye, lýsinger: to light up)
4) jarðýtan-- (Jarð: earth, ýtan: pusher)
5) opið solar hringurinn-- (opið:open , solar hringurinn: sun ring)
6) ljósapera-- (ljós:light, pera:pear)
7) ristað brauð-- (ristað: roast, brauð:bread).
8) Gummivinnustofan-- (Gummi: rubber, vinnu:work ,stofan:room)
9) ávöxturinn-- (tree growth)
10) Takk fyrir matinn! --(This is a freebie!)


beckers said...

1. movie? or shadow?

Annie Garman said...

getting close...

vaChuckie said...

Can I play too? Or would that be unfair? I'm only half Icelandic and mostly ignorant of the language! I actually learned what #1 was this evening while at a meeting! What a coincidence. I think it means xerox copy.

Anonymous said...

I am laughing hysterically!! said...

Rule Addendum: If you are half-icelandic you must wait for three more days until you can play.

If the word means xerox copy, that is an alternate meaning I did not know of.

vaChuckie said...

LOL! Ok, fair enough. Hmmm, not xerox copy? Then I'm stumped.

B.A. said...

Here are some guesses
1.) Sunrise? photo?
2.) video camera
3.) glasses? lamp?
4.) plow, lawn mower, dump truck?
5.) is this one sunrise? orbit? year? (one orbit around the sun)
6.) papaya? light bulb?
7.) toast
8.) gym? factory?
9.) forest,
10.) thank you?

I love to read your blog! Chris and I are praying for you, especially for patience right now. We had missionary week at church last week and we thought often of you. Foreign missions seems so much more "real" when we know full-time missionaries!