Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ultrasound Remix

We returned to the doctor on Monday for another ultrasound in hopes of gaining a little more information about the baby's heart condition. After some time the doctor spent some time explaining his findings and answering our questions. We are really appreciative of the medical staff at Barnaspitali here in Reykjavik for spotting the problem and helping us get started on the journey. So here is what we learned on Monday...

1. The doctor is pretty confident that it is Critical Pulmonary Stenosis rather than Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum
2. There is a good possibility that a Cathetarization may be able to take care of the problem
3. The Pulmonary Artery looks good and he thinks there may be some blood getting through to it. If so it means there may be at least a small needle opening in the valve.

Over the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to settle into the reality of the situation and as we have come to a better understanding some of the fears have subsided. We rest in God's grace that has been evident in ways that I hope to be able to explain at a later time. Without waxing too theological, we are thankful for the confidence we have in God's love for us in the midst of difficulty. We have always believed that God's purposes in the world are more complex, interesting, and mysterious than simply providing us with individual safety and comfort. Many of the events in life help us to understand where our greatest good and most certain joy can be found, as well as where it cannot be found. It cannot be found,though we often look for it, in our own health and vitality - for they are merely gifts, when we possess them, meant to point us to their giver. We believe that God himself is our greatest good and deepest joy and trust that through this experience he will give us a greater measure of himself to know and enjoy by faith. The hope that we have through Christ making a relationship to God open to us is the same hope that the Apostle Paul writes about when he reminds us that "nothing can separate us from the love of God that is found in Christ." That "nothing" includes the fears that accompany finding out that your baby will be born with a heart defect. For this we are grateful.

As we continue to work through everything you can pray specifically that the baby's right ventricle would grow and develop well over the next few months and that we would have wisdom as we work with doctors to make a plan for the birth and procedure.


Anonymous said...

Just prayed for you guys this morning. Though I have no idea what is it like to go through something like this, it will turn out for your good. FOR he foreknew you and chose you to be in the glory with the Lord.

Josh and Jadey said...

Precious picture of Darcy and Haley. Thank you for sharing this, it was a blessing to my heart. It obviously is not a blessing to me for you all to have to be dealing with this. However, I thank you for what was said in regards to "nothing being able to separate us". As much as I wanted to turn my back on God when I was diagnosed with MS. I knew the whole time I was still being held by His mighty hand. The fears did not go away, but it is true, that time taught me where to find my true joy. We are praying for you guys and you are always on our minds.


MiMi said...

Colby, you truly know how to write from a place in your soul that touches us all. Your words were an encouragment to me in so many ways -- in my own personal walk with the Lord, in my concern for Annie's well-being, and as I trust God regarding my own children. We may not know all you are experiencing daily, but we do know what is like to cry out to the Lord, wait on the Lord, and ultimately rest in the Lord. Your brothers and sisters in Christ are standing with you and lifting you up through this time. God Bless you, Annie and the girls! Cindi Smith (Heather Paul's Mom)

Tracy Wu said...

It was so refreshing for me to hear your heart. Your faith in God's love is such an incredible example for me and I'm sure to everyone around you. Your so right in saying that God loves us so much and that His purposes are way beyond what we can even begin to understand. Knowing how much He loves us though is what does bring us through these trials in life. Holding onto the truths of His sovereignty over everything and how He is Good and Love and can never be anything less than that is truly what gives us Hope and joy in the midst of tough times. Thanks for sharing your heart and being such a testimony to me and I'm sure to so many others. I love you guys and am praying most daily for Baby Garman!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that God led such wonderful people to become doctors and to develop ways to help and fix heart defects. I am sure you have talked to my sister Elizabeth by now. Emma, my niece, was born with half a heart. Yes it has changed or altered their lives in ways that only they and God know. And yes she is a miracle baby. And all things work together for Good to them that love the Lord. It will be ok Annie, Colby, Darcy, and Hayley! Hang in there. Prayers are going up. You should really make a caring bridge. It will help you to meet other families JUST like yours with your babies same heart defect. Its good to have that kind of community over the internet. I will post Emma's page below.


B.A. said...

Hi Colby and Annie,
Chris and I are praying for you and particularly that the baby's right ventricle and pulmonary arteries are healed. Even so, God is faithful. I'm no cardiology expert, but I have spent the last 2 months doing my nursing preceptorship in neonatal intensive care, with a couple friends doing theirs in pediatric cardiology. If you have any questions or there is anything at all I can do to help, please let me know.
Beth Anne