Thursday, April 15, 2010

Volcanic Excitement

I thought I would attach a couple video of the most recent volcanic eruption that began two days ago. Yes, there has been another one, very close to the first one. The most recent eruption was considerably larger and took place under the glacier producing major flooding from the melting ice. Most notable is the ash cloud that has extended to the British Isles and Northern Europe putting a stop for now to all commercial flights in the area that it covers. Yes folks, I mean all the flights in the UK and mainland Northern Europe. The irony is that because the volcano is to the east of Reykjavik and the international airport in Keflavik, and the wind has pushed the ash cloud to the east and south, it is still possible to fly out from Iceland to destinations not in the affected area. Here are some videos we thought you might enjoy.

Interesting Footage
Volcano Grounds Flights

And for those of you who might not understand the irony of an Icelandic volcano shutting down the airspace in the UK you might want to read this here.


VeronĂ­ka said...

I see from today's posts Icelanders are having a hey dey with this. :)

Great footage. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

WOW - that footage is amazing...Did you guys hear what happened in the States over Northern Wisconsin, La Crosse, Madison, and down in the southern area of Wisconsin - Oh - I should just say - Did you guys here what happened a few nights ago in Wisconsin?? It wasn't like a volcano or anything. It was just a really big meteor shower and people were seeing Green lights in the sky and bright white lights and some people felt the ground shake as the meteor's didn't all burn up in the atmosphere - they actually hit the ground here! I don't think anyone was hurt. I will try and find some footage for you. I know I posted a live camera link to someone...Let me see....Ok....Here is one link but its not the cool one I saw - I am still trying to find the cool green one....

Here is the one: