Monday, April 19, 2010

Why I think the IPad is cool, but still love my Kindle

I really like Apple products. I have a MacBook Pro and an IPod. I think the IPhone is fantastic even though I do not have one myself. About eight months ago I bought an Amazon Kindle reading device, and I have not experienced any buyer's remorse in the face of the new IPad excitement. The net is abuzz with articles about the IPad killing the Kindle. I have seen multiple articles and seen quite a few videos asserting the superiority of the Apple tablet device over the low function Kindle. So, I have asked myself why, at this time, I am perfectly content with my Kindle.

1. Significant price difference. I would not have convinced myself to spend the money for an IPad (currently over $600) but found the price of the Kindle (I paid $250) attainable.

2. I am a reader and wanted a reading device. For me, I enjoy settling into a good book for an extended amount of time. I also found myself easily distracted at times when other forms of media are in reach. With the Kindle I feel like I have grabbed a book and not my computer. Others may not experience this, but I do.

3. The Kindle screen. I find reading on the kindle screen incredibly comfortable. For those of you who do not understand this, the Kindle does not use a backlit LCD screen. The screen is designed with the goal of imitating paper and does so quite well. There has been a day or two where I have spent more than 8 hours reading on it and never experienced the sensation of eye strain that I experience sometimes after prolonged periods in front of the computer.

4. Battery Life. Granted, I have not experienced the battery life of the IPad, but I have heard that it is about 8-10 hours. My experience with other Apple devices leads me to believe that number is probably a bit lower than that in reality, especially as the device ages. The Kindle has continually amazed me with its battery life. My guess is that it has to be well over 25 hours worth of reading. Even at times of high reading I have found it to last around two weeks worth of use.

If you love the written word and you are looking for a device that will function as a mobile library, go for the Kindle. It is the best reading device on the market. If you want a multi-use device and can afford it, go for the IPad. Among readers I think the Kindle will remain popular and for good reason.

Here is a good article that highlights some of what I have said.

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