Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The night before Gracie was discharged from the hospital,  Haley asked a very practical question.
"Do I say 'Welcome Home' when Gracie comes to this house tomorrow?  Or should I wait until we go back to the Locust Grove house?"

Hmmmm...For a moment it made me sad that our kids don't really know where they live, but it allowed Haley and I to have a good conversation.  After the talk,  I was reminded about a chapter in Tim Keller's book, Prodigal God (if you've not read this New York Times Bestseller author, now's the time!).  He explores the idea of home...how evasive it is and yet how we all long for it.  
On Saturday we packed up everything from the mission house in Crozet and drove back to the other house we've been using in Locust Grove.  As Colby hunts for jobs, the reality is we will be moving again some time in the next year.  Among other things, riding the rollercoaster that is called our life these past two years has truly bonded our nuclear family.   I decided to make a welcome home sign for Gracie that would make sense to her and to us...


Anonymous said...

When I saw the sign you made I literally said out loud "AWWWWWW"!!!! Its VERY VERY sweet Annie....

It is totally you to do something like that...and at the same time I feel like it might be a Mrs. Haley thing too....Your alot like your mom in so many sentimental ways. I love that about you and your mom.

I am praying really hard for Colby to find the right job and the right ministry that God wants him to have. And for you too with your family and new people you will meet.

My parents and siblings are also praying for you guys.

And thanks for the book recommendation. Miss you.


beckers said...

just throwin it out there...how does colbster feel bout bein a professor?!!? we just built a great missions/evangelism building, housing is cheap and hey! babysitting is free!!!!