Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Happy Ninth Anniversary

Nine years ago today Annie and I were married at Faith Baptist Church in LaCrosse, WI. Ten years ago today we began dating after I tried to convince her of it for nearly a year. So, how do you celebrate an anniversary when you have a three week old and your living in a temporary house in a town that you had never been to until a month ago? You go back to the place it all began and tell your kids stories about their mom and dad falling in love. For us, it all began at Riverside Park in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was at Riverside Park we started dating. It was at Riverside Park where we had so many wonderful walks and conversations. It was at Riverside Park where we were cited for trespassing after hours and handed down a sentence of 8 hours of community service by the judge. And, tonight, it was at Riverside Park where we danced to the music of Gracie's cries with a bouquet of weeds that Darcy so carefully and proudly picked for us while Haley hit us with sticks to stop us from kissing. It was perfect.


Lilja said...

en yndislega dásamleg lýsing á sambandsafmæli ykkar :) Ég er viss um að fyrir tíu árum hefði þessi lýsing verið nákvæmlega eitthvað sem þið mynduð vilja upplifa tíu árum síðar saman :)
Til hamingju!
(skemmtilegt, því í næstu viku erum við Andrés búin að vera gift í 3 ár, svipaður tími hjá okkur)
I hope you guys didn't have a too hard time understanding this, am a bit tired and don't know if it's too complicated, then you can just ask me ;) said...

Ég skil, Lilja!

Ég er að reyna að aefa mig!


Jo said...

Til hamingju með brúðkaupsafmælið Colby og Annie!! :)

Anonymous said...

That is so romantic. I am so happy for you guys. Happy Anniversary. I remember not going on our honeymoon because we got married at Faith the weekend before you and I COULD NOT miss Annie's wedding. I remember sitting with Darcy (who your darling daughter is named after)...What a beautiful day. Annie looked stunning. And Colby you looked so handsome.

What is funny that you talk about "Riverside Park" and all that happened there. Annie once met a friend or maybe it was an angel at Riverside Park in La Crosse, WI. I know you were talking about Virginia....But Annie once met someone in Riverside Park when she was very down before she left for college. And look at where you guys started talking and dating...RIVERSIDE PARK...Just states away...Maybe that Angel (if it was one) was pointing Annie to you Colby. I can't remember that conversation she told me she had...But I know she went to Liberty soon after. I am so glad she met you Colby. And you have three amazing girls. And I think a bouquet of weeds is the most beautiful bouquet in the world. Its totally romantic!! Much love, Carrie

beckers said...

love it! Congrats Colby and Annie!