Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moby for Men

My wife recently purchased a Moby wrap. Now if you are not familiar with the Moby wrap it is a large piece of cloth that when wrapped appropriately allows you to "wear" your baby. For some people, wearing your baby is a way of life, and I am not simply talking about agricultural field workers in some far away place who do not have the opportunity to take some time off after the birth. There seems to be a whole movement of baby-wearing that is associated with theories of attachment for infants and so on. It may have its benefits, but we never wore Haley and Darcy, and they seem well adjusted so far. Anyway, I asked Annie about her interest in using the Moby wrap and she described it as an accessory of a necklace that comes with the benefit of holding the baby hands-free. Sounds fine to me, but wow, it sure looks difficult to use.
The funniest experience I have had so far with the Moby wrap was after we received it in the mail. Inside on the back of the user's manual was the picture you see here. Now, I am no marketing expert, but I have to guess that the potential market for this specific "camouflage" real tree Moby is actually pretty low. The intersection of hunters and Moby baby-wearers cannot be populated with a large crowd of people. I just can't see myself sitting in a tree stand waiting for a trophy buck, while wearing Gracie. Whatever benefits that could be conferred by wearing the child most certainly would be counterbalanced by the risks of firing a gun or pulling back a bow string. But hey, I don't work for Moby...and just maybe they know something I don't.


Anonymous said...

This must be the Potter County model.

-Dan Keaton

Anonymous said...

I love baby wearing! I am hooked! It does help with bonding and it makes life easier a a stroller not as needed!

Hannah Hendrix

Kristin Jonsson said...

Baby wearing is indeed a great way to promote attachment and bonding with your baby. It's also very practical.

A far as the camo Moby goes, I'm thinking if you dressed Gracie in some of those baby camo pants and added a little camo buff, a la iceland, you could surely go out and catch yourself some supper!

(seriously, camo is a fashion thing, not a hunting thing)

PS A photographer from Frettabladid took a picture of me wearing Katherine in the Moby at a festival this past weekend.

David Fauth said...


You could Moby wrap and then have two hands for your Kindle.

Pelt Family said...

I'll wear the baby in the Jansport Baby Packpack but I will not wear the baby in a front pack - I draw the line there.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to mention that alot of women in Wisconsin when I go home where these...Alot of people at my dad's church...

Never tried one myself because I have no kids and no little people to put in it to try it out. Nothing against you if your a little person.

I suppose I could try a doll. LOL