Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Little Graduate!

Gracie is doing so well that she graduated from the Intensive Care Unit (they are just waiting for a room to open up on the pediatric floor to transfer her over). The doctors just stopped by and actually said that she could go HOME tomorrow, to which Annie almost wet her pants. We don't feel totally comfortable bringing her home tomorrow, but maybe after getting CPR trained and learning about her Pulse-Ox machine, we'll feel ready to go. We couldn't be happier with her progress. Although she is a little bit less than her birth weight, Gracie's eating 2 ounces every 3 hours and is keeping it down. It's unbelievable to think of how far she's come in just one short week...Go Gracie Girl!


Jonathan D. said...

That's awesome news.

Kimberly said...

Go Gracie! Love the photos, guys, she's such a doll!

B.A. said...

That is AMAZING progress! What a Champ! God is so good!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


She is doing so great!! WOW!!!

I know I have been writing alot about Gracie's heart and surgery and my niece Emma's.

And I am so glad Liz has talked to Annie throughout this.

You guys are so blessed. Both girls have the same thing. If they put their hearts together - it would make one whole one! :)

And maybe one day they can meet and become friends or even pen pals down the road - since they will have both have gone through the same 3 surgeries and struggles in life!

That is so amazing that she is doing so well and going into her own room. And they told you that you could go home with her - OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!! Prayer works and God's healing hands were all over Gracie and her heart. You should write a book called "Gracie's heart". About her life. It just sounds like a nice title to a book. Or a movie or something.

Sorry I am babbling. I am just really happy for you guys. If your ever in the LaCrosse areas with Gracie - there is Emma Joy to visit and there is actually a HRHS girl who is about 16 I think who had the surgeries and is doing well and babysits Emma. Annie, you guys should meet her and her family.

Emma and this young babysitter - They touch each others scars on their chests and tell each other they have a special heart. Its sweet.

Annie, You would love to meet this Christian family with this babysitter who has the same thing Gracie has.

Ok, my main point - I am so excited you guys that she is going home. I may not say the right words...but I am trying to express how much I care about your family. And how much love surrounds you guys and how great God is to make Gracie and Emma just the way he wanted them - SUPER DUPER SPECIAL!

I am supposed to tell you guys that my mom and dad have been praying and alot of their church (people who knew Annie while she was growing up)....Love your blog!


Andy and Kaye said...

What amazing news. We are so very grateful for all the answered prayers and for the father's obvious care on her little life. Keeping in touch thru blog and Facebook posts. Thanks for the communication.