Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great Weekend for the Whole Family!

First for the Gracie Update: We began last week with a bed full of wires and now, as you see, Gracie has shed most of her support and is doing great. The big steps in the past few days have been the removal of her breathing tube and RA line on Friday morning, and the removal of her chest tube and arterial line on Saturday. All of these are big steps on the road to recovery. The only hiccup has been the withdrawl symptoms Gracie has had from the pain medicine she was on during recovery. The doctors are now working to make a few adjustments to help get through the withdrawl period and every thing seems to be going fine.

And for the Rest of Us: With Gracie doing so well Annie and I visited her on Saturday morning and then took off for Lancaster, PA, for the party of the year. My sister Brooke got married yesterday to Randy Fischer in a wonderful ceremony at Stumptown Mennonite Church followed by a great reception at The Eden in Lancaster. We made it just in time for the festivities and joined Haley and Darcy who were sent on ahead to anchor the Virginia Garman contingent in case we couldn't make it. After a great night's stay at Shenk Manor B&B, courtesy of Marty and Joyce Shenk we headed back to VA .


Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister Colby and her new hubby.

Still praying for Gracie. Please tell Annie.


hcfischer1 said...

What a miracle Gracie is doing so well. So glad to hear your sister had a great day. Must be great guy...he's a "Fischer" :)