Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pros and Cons of Still Looking Pregnant After You've Delivered

1.  It is depressing.
2.  Your 4 year old still kisses your stomach and tells the baby hello.
3.  Your 5 year old (who is only slightly more logical) asks when the next baby is coming out.
4.  You have to avoid eye contact with people in elevators when you see them look down at your belly and then up at you in an attempt to bypass the awkward question, "So...when is your baby due?"

1.  People still are kind and patient with you in public because they think you're expecting.
2.  In case you were too occupied during pregnancy to do a pre-natal photo shoot LIKE THIS, you still have time.  Noone will ever know.
3.  No pressure to go running or do sit-ups.  Doctors orders.  Eat another piece of carrot cake instead.
4.  In the end, it is worth it to have a little more fat on your body and another human being in this world that is your very own flesh and blood.


Carrie Fairy Thoughts said...

Annie - Hang in there girlie...All these emotions and feelings will soon come to rest and you won't be thinking of pros and cons...You will just be with your happy little family. You have so many prayers going up...and everyone is thinking of you and loving your whole family. Your family and reading your blog has been such a blessing to me. Love you girl. Don't forget that. Whatever is going on. I am always your friend - promise. - Carrie....I wasn't sure what to write...I hope this came out right.

The Dickinson Diaries said...

every word of this post is so true... i had to hold back an "amen sister!" lol. hope you all are doing well. still praying for little gracie and your family! :)

Lucas' Mommy said...

Ha,ha..I can TOTALLY relate!!! For the first month of Mommy and Me classes I wore the SAME dress as it was the only outfit that I felt comfortable in and could breastfeed with. When I finally broke down and went to Macys to look for something else to wear shortly after, I came out in tears because I looked awful in everything I tried. I am doing much better at 2.5 mths. :-) The breastfeeding and the running around will make the weight melt off. And anyways, in every picture I have seen of you, you look absolutely stunning!!

Battlemaiden said...