Friday, August 6, 2010

The Lightning Round

I often do not write about things that are going on because they do not seem to deserve an entire post. At the same time I often want to mention these very things and see what others might have to say. My goal is to resolve the tension in which I only blog those things that a general audience would be really interested in, while commonly having thoughts about posts that I know will interest a certain few. My new solution to the problem is the classic game-show lightning round, hopefully a new weekly item.

-I recently got a Nike+ running band. I have always wanted to have a way to know basic stats of my workout while it is in progress, but could never bring myself to "get a Garmin" GPS watch. The Nike+ is a great solution, providing time, pace, distance, and calorie information throughout the run. It also hooks up to the computer and keeps a running log with great information and goal setting features. I highly recommend it to any runners out there.

- I am currently reading a classic book on Biblical Theology by Geerhardus Vos. It is a bit on the heavy side as far as the language and the style, but well worth trudging through for its insights into reading the Bible from a redemptive-historical perspective.

- On that note, if you are a preacher you need to download this series of lectures from Edmund Clowney and Tim Keller on Christ-centered preaching. They have been great running partners for me lately.

-If you are interested in a peek into Icelandic culture, one way to do it is through a series of crime-fiction novels written by one of Iceland's most succesful writers. They are available in english and are a fun read. I have been reading them in Icelandic, but I am sure the cultural setting would be as interesting in the translations as well.

- From Crozet, VA, we can be on the Blue Ridge Parkway in less than 15 minutes. The BRP is where Annie and I went on our first non-date. It is where we went on our first date. It is also where we got engaged. Last week we took the girls up there for an evening picnic and sunset and I could not help feeling a "life has come full circle moment".


Veroníka said...

Oh, happy day! I love when you guys blog and can't wait to hear when Gracie makes her appearance.

I too am reading Jar City/Mýrin! I was surprised that I like the story usually not into those kind of books but it was a good read. Now trudging through the icelandic version.

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed your lightning round post. Interesting stuff. We were just in Crozet a few weeks ago, to visit friends who moved to Virginia a few years ago; this was our second trip down in 2 years.

Take care,

Steve Thomas
Murrysville, PA

info said...

Dude! Good times! I'm glad that Keller/Clowney series has hit you as powerfully as me! I've the syllabus notes to go with it, if you're interested. LMK!

You & the whole Garman bunch are a great blessing to our family, and we look forward to seeing you guys again soon (with Gracie in tow)!

Love ya bro!

Austin said...

Ha ha, non-date. I remember those!