Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Steppin' Out

...of the hospital that is. Tonight is a daddy-daughter sleepover at the hospital. For release, we had to be responsible for Gracie with all of her little details for an entire day. So I (Colby) am staying the night here with Gracie and getting us ready for the big release day tomorrow. In preparation for her release we had to be trained on giving her meds, using the pulse oxymeter we will be taking home with us, and our new baby scale. We took a CPR course and covered all the what-to-do-when possibilities that one could possibly handle in a short period of time. The bottom line is Gracie will be leaving the hospital tomorrow only 9 days after major open-heart surgery and 17 days after she was born. We are so grateful, she has really recovered at best-case scenario speed.


Cat said...

I am so amazed by God's goodness that I am literally crying for you. Garmin family, you are SO BLESSED! And I will keep on praying for you and baby Grace.

eileen morgan said...

Praise God!!! So proud of her, and you guys!

Anonymous said...

WOW. Congrats you guys. Will you guys have a traveling nurse that stops by your house? You should look into that. One tip is that anyone who wants to see Gracie should have to sanitize their hands. And anyone who is sick - needs to stay away. You probably were told that by the nurses...We have just had that drilled into our heads over and over again by the Children's Hospital in WI. I am really glad she is going home. Much love, and praying for you - Carrie

3h said...

Thanks for all the updates! How did
Gracie's first day at home go? Hope everything continues to go well!

Helgi & Guðrún