Saturday, September 25, 2010

Upstate New York

We just got back from a little roadtrip to Albany,  New York.  The kids did a really great job on the 9 hour drive and even helped feed Gracie so we didn't have to stop so much.  We broke the trip up into 2 driving days and had an enjoyable time talking about each state we drove through.  On Saturday, we were able to go to a local apple orchard there and pick apples, ride ponies, and enjoy a hay ride.  On Sunday, Colby preached at a church where his old roommate is a pastor and we sang for the service.  Good times had by all.


Anonymous said...

Dad, you can just click on Anonymous under "choose an identity" and then you should be able to leave a comment. Try it and let's see if it works.

Anonymous said...

Happy both the girls got to ride their dream pony. Haley seems a lot calmer than the time at Locus Grove.