Saturday, February 26, 2011

Green Grass

On Tuesday, I was having a funk day. It was probably just fatigue after a jam-packed weekend, but nonetheless, every little chore felt monumental. I was sitting in a exhausted stupor after lunch watching the kids nag each other, despairing that all my training and hard work with them had been in vain. This came after a discouraging day homeschooling as Haley's backwards 5s and Zs almost sent me to the psychiatric ward. So there I was, thinking how I needed find a better job and dreaming about the green grass on other side of the fence, when the moment came. Darcy had put a saddle and reins on Haley and was riding her around the living room. Suddenly, the rodeo got violent, Haley reared on her hind legs, Darcy fell off backwards, and Haley stood up, exclaiming, "My tooth! I lost my first tooth!"

As I was cleaning up the blood, I thought how ironic it was that not only I WAS THERE for this landmark event, but I also was watching as it happened.  Sure, being at home with your kids can be mundane and discouraging, but it also allows for days like today.  I got to watch as Haley paid her sister two dollars for her assistance in getting the tooth out (It had been loose for months, but Haley was too scared to ever wiggle it!), and help Haley spell some words for her letter to the tooth fairy (Dear tooth farey, can you plese leave the tooth?  I realy like it.)  We also discovered that Gracie was getting her FIRST tooth, so it turned into an all-out-Tooth-Day-Tuesday celebration complete with balloons and bananas (hey, cut me a break;  they kind of look like teeth).

After getting a power nap that was cheaper and much more effective than a mental institution,  the day ended with this conversation:

Haley:  Mom, can you please sneak into my room after I fall asleep and leave me a little special somethin' somethin' under my pillow?

Me:  Well...uh....what about the tooth fairy?

Haley:  I don't believe in the tooth fairy.  I....I.....I just believe in God.

I think I'll keep my job.


Anonymous said...

This is priceless! By all means, keep the job. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! This is so sweet. Your girls are so sweet Annie.