Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Mom

Every February, my mom visits us.  This tradition started back in February of 2003 on a snow day.  I will still in my pajamas, and Colby suddenly got very concerned that we didn't have any milk.  He insisted that at the very moment, we HAD to BOTH go to Food Lion and pick some up.  I threw a coat on and followed him, feeling very confused.

We walked through the aisles, and I kept looking around, not sure what was going to happen.  Then it happened.  I heard the same dog whistle that my mother had always used to find us when we got separated in a store.  I looked over by the eggs, and there she was.  My mother, in a red feather boa, singing Let Me Call You Sweetheart (I sincerely apologize to everyone out there who does not have a mom who is nearly this fun).  So, the tradition began.  Last year, she even flew to Iceland for her annual visit.

This year's visit included Bull Run Battlefield in Manassas, lots of bargain shopping, and lots of episodes of The Middle.  The highlight of the trip, however, came when we were driving on 395 North to Reagan National Airport... and she tried to convince me that if we wore HELMETS in the car, the chances of us getting into an accident and getting brain damage would significantly decrease.



Patti said...

What a blessing to have a regularly scheduled visit with your mom! She sounds like a hoot. Where does she live?

The Wires in Virginia said...

Your mom sounds like so much fun! I'm glad she got to visit again this February.

P.S. My dad used to humiliate us with the giant whistle to get our attention in stores. Ha ha ha!

Josh and Jadey said...

I have so many Helen memories and this post just adds to the greatness. Also a past story about an outing in the "cow" field with Hailey and Darcy in Stafford causes me to feel that you will be that same "cool" mom.

Anonymous said...

Oh Annie - Thank you for sharing that story of your mom in the feather boa....EVERYONE was always so jealous you had the mom you did growing up. She was by far (besides Delores Atkisson) my favorite friends mom. if that makes sense.