Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Out of the mouths of babes..."

I have decided to write reoccurring posts about the cute things my kids say. Those posts will always be titled "Out of the mouths of babes," referring to the Psalm, "Out of the mouths of babes He has ordained praise."

1.) Haley Jane is ridiculously particular. If you have been around her for more than 10 minutes you have realized this. She is incredibly precise and has recently begun critiquing my driving. Ever since she learned that s-t-o-p means STOP she has harassed me for not coming to a complete hault and pausing for 3 seconds before continuing. I guess I have gotten better because yesterday when I came to a stop sign she commented condescendingly, "Good job, Mommy. You stopped very correct." For some reason it made me want to stick my tongue out at her. I refrained.

2.) We were out side playing this week and I tried to encourage Haley as she tried to skip. "Wow, Haley are doing a great job skipping." Her response? "Actually... I am galloping." Where in the world did she learn that distinction?

3.) The girls went to the doctor to get their blood drawn 2 weeks ago as part of our medical clearance for Iceland. Haley pranced down the hallway and announced to the nurses, "Daddy says this is going to be an adventure, just like Dora!"

In the end, it was quite horrifying for both of them . If that wasn't enough, the doctor called back, said their platelet levels were high and needed to draw their blood again. They both started screaming when we went back today. After the whole ordeal, Darcy stopped crying, looked up at the nurse and said with tears still in her eyes, "anck oo, Dah-Tah."

That's enough for one night.


Riss! said...


"Good job, Mommy. You stopped very correct."

oh that little one. It reminds me of when all of you were still here and Jón and I were sitting down and she sat between us and turned to Jón, started rubbing his back and said so sincerely and with a frown on her brow "so, how are you today?"v

Cindynlow said...

"anck oo, Dah-Tah" is priceless. I'm wondering now if I thank my doctors (or nurses) for shots.

I tried to introduce the idea of "pretend" sipping and eating to Darcy while we were at the play kitchen yesterday...maybe we can work on it again sometime. :-) She mentioned something about daddy's coffee as she sipped a teacup.