Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reading Recommendations: Part Deux

Here is the second installment of books that I have read that have left enough of a mark on me that I still remember them regularly. In college I remember hearing several times that the books we read and the people we spend our time with will most determine who we are 10 years from now. I think it is true.

11. The Resurrection of the Son of God (N.T. Wright) - Theology and Biblical Studies, Advanced Reading Level
12. My Name is Asher Lev (Chaim Potok) - Fiction, a enthralling tale about a Hasidic Jewish Artist
13. The Gift of Asher Lev (Chaim Potok) - Fiction, part 2
14. Heaven is a Place on Earth (Michael Wittmer) - Theology and Christian Living, Intermediate. The book is a great place to start for an overarching Biblical view of life.
15. Roaring Lambs (Bob Briner) - Christian Living and Cultural Impact, an inspiring and accessible encouragement to cultural engagement.
16. Creation Regained (Al Wolters) - Christian Theology
17. The Bruised Reed (Richard Sibbes, Puritan Paperbacks) - Christian Practice
18. The Risen Jesus and Future Hope (Gary Habermas) - Christian Apologetics, Theology and Practice
19. Reflections on the Psalms (C.S. Lewis) - This book has no category, but is incredibly insightful
20. The Dangerous Duty of Delight (John Piper) - I still think this is the best place to start reading Piper.


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