Saturday, October 4, 2008


I stole the title from a friend, but it describes life for the Garmans these past few months. I am making a rare appearance on the blogosphere as I have not been active during our time at Field Personnel Orientation getting ready for Iceland. As times are a changin' I find myself thankful for the way that I learn so much through it. Some of it has been stressful, but the majority of it is challenging me to trust God with a deeper sense of resolve.
The reality is we are walking on a path that I feel will allow us the best view of God's glory and the greatest chance to land on our face if we are not careful. We are also walking on a path that for the time being shows no sign of a clear destination. The other day while I was doing some journaling I thought to myself, "what a strange story I find myself in! I am not even sure how I got to be where I am, doing what I am doing. I certainly did not meticulously plan my life to come to this point, yet I feel like it's been in the plans the entire time." The wise Solomon once said, "Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the Lord's purpose that stands." (Prov. 19:21) I believe it!. For the past several years I have wrestled deeply in my soul about the course of my life and thought through plan after plan. I have continually asked God, "For what things have you fashioned me?" Seemingly, one morning I wake up and there I am in the midst of the story I could have never written, but have been longing for all my life. Never let anyone tell you that God's greatest glory and your deepest joy are not one in the same thing. He has fashioned you for His glory and in pursuit of it you are most fully alive.
All of this to say, I find myself right where I would want to be, but where apart from God's gracious sovereign work I would have never brought myself. So, when my face is in the mud, I will thank God for mercy to be washed in the grace of the Lord Jesus. When I am standing at the peak of the mountain I will kneel and not forget who brought me there. And everywhere in between, I will take time to reflect on the unfolding story mystery of Christ in me the hope of glory.


Anonymous said...

Hey Annie Brogan and family. I am praying for you guys. What you wrote yesterday on this blog really spoke to my heart. Thank you. God steers are paths in so many strange directions if we will just follow him that you can't stop and wonder why or how you got there. Only trusting God. I am glad you guys are doing well. I would love it if you could encourage Liz and her hubby. Emma Joy is still in the hospital after her second heart surgery and she is screaming tonight. If you could get people praying that would be great. I am asking everyone to pray. She has a gas bubble that keeps coming back. We were in Milwaukee for a week with Liz and Justin and just got back. We are tired. I feel helpless. I would give my little niece my heart if I could and give up my life for hers. I just want her to be ok. And I am so thankful that I still can see you on this blog and read about your life. I told you that the part of Iceland that you were swimming in during the snow is from where Josh's family is from?? Maybe some of his relatives can find the Lord!!! I will find out some names and addresses. I just know that they are a very wealthy family in Iceland. They actually married into the Johnson family too. Anyways, Keep in touch. Love you Annie. Oh, and during Emma's surgery we were looking at your pics on facebook and everyone agrees in our family that you guys are adorable. The Sella's miss you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, my last comment made no sense. Sorry. I think my brain is frozen. Here is emma's website. is also another little boy who is there and my dad had a chance to pray with his dad during the hope that you will stop by at least Liz's little girls site and pass it on so people can sign the guest book and tell them they are praying for her. Thanks Annie Brogan. Your girls are so beautiful.