Saturday, October 11, 2008

International Gospel Blimps Inc.

Sometimes a little fiction is just the trick to get you thinking. In this book a group of friends desiring to reach their neighbors for Christ take on the monumental task of starting a non-profit organization that utilizes fly over blimps dropping literature and gospel advertising sign trailers to get the job done. It is a tale of sacrifice, hard work, prayerful dedication, hardship, and of course...well I'll let you read it to guess how I would complete the list. The little story, which is in itself only 60 pages, begs the question, "If Christians desire to bear witness to the truth of the gospel to their friends and neighbors, what might be the best and worst ways to go about it?" First published in 1960, Joseph Bayly saw the present and the future with a razor sharp clarity that may allow this story to be more important today than it was almost 50 years ago. I hope you're intrigued, you can order it on Amazon.


Davíð Örn said...
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Davíð Örn said...

Hi guys!

How are things going? We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Iceland :)

Best regards
David and Fjola

p.s. you've probably heard a little about the how the global financial crisis is hitting Iceland. Although it is difficult for many, it has one interesting upside...that people are more open towards the church, Christianity and God. When everything else (meaning money...and money...and money) fails, people tend to look to God for help, which hopefully for many will be their first step towards a good relationship with Jesus! So maybe...God is preparing the harvest for his workers ;) and opening up opportunities in the middle of a "worldly crisis"