Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Richmond Reflections continued...

Haley's new friends in the quad:

I wanted to get a modest picture with Darcy and the squatty, but Colby forbid it (His nickname in college was the fun-hater).  


beckers said...

good job colbster...but i have to say, i agree with you..somehow i doubt that there is any form of a modest pic of someone using the "squatty potty"...sorry annie

fyi i love the pic of darcy with her head covering! too cute!!!

The Wires in Virginia said...

Is Haley doing "the hair flip" as she's talking with her friends? Just kidding. :)

Ahh, the "squatty potty". . .reminds me of Indonesia!

Erin said...

I took a picture just like this for my blog. It got a lot of responses...such a crowd-pleaser!