Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Birth of Kolbeinn Jón Jónsson

Yesterday Anna Pálsdottir and I finished up Level I of Beginner´s Icelandic. We have grown to enjoy our teacher, who in the vernacular of my father is a ´real character´. It is a great to have a teacher that really loves to teach language, enjoys people, and is extremely jovial. He is really fun, and a brilliant mad scientist of a linguist. He has a modest goal of cleansing Europe of it´s unrefined use of language and bringing all people´s everywhere back to the Icelandic from which it came. I have similiar goals in life and enjoy his exuberance.
We received our test scores for the course yesterday and mine came with a new moniker and the elusive ink, ´giraffe stamp´. God often gives people a new name as He calls them into new pursuits in His kingdom. I have received mine at the hand of a linguist prophet and pray that it comes with all the blessings of Abraham, who was called Abram; Israel, who was called Jacob; And Paul, who was called Saul. Next week we start Beginner's Level 2.


Dagný said...


Kolbeinn Jón Jónsson or Colby John Doe hahaha

You see, Jón Jónsson is John Doe in Icelandic... although there are people that actually have that name. Too bad for them.

Anyway ... happy for you guys! :)

Dagny & Diana

Anonymous said...

Good job on passing your first class!

beckers said...

why does it say John Doe and not Garman?