Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Doodler

Darcy has been interesting to watch lately. After we had been here a week, she began to revert a little bit which is a very normal thing for kids to do in transition. She was a little more whiny, a little more needy, and began to ask if she could watch a video that we used to get from the library called "Baby Songs" because she was a baby again. I had been prepared for this kind of behavior and was warned that she may starts to have lots of accidents again. Instead of having accidents, however, Darcy had been constantly telling us that she has to throw up. Before meals, after meals, during rest time, the constant reminder is... "But, I might throw up!" Not trusting her claims but wanting to appease her, we finally started giving her a barf bag to carry around. That, in conjunction with a little water in a medicine cup, has appeared to have a placebo affect and cure her. She has been picking up language a lot and it is adorable to hear her bravely try new phrases. She has come a long way since our first day here when Andres and Lilja were over, helping us move in. After hearing them speak in Icelandic a bit, she looked up at me smiling and remarked with perfect ego-centrism, "They are saying the wrong thing..."


Dagný said...

She is too funny that one!

I love hearing her say "já" haha its so cute!

Anonymous said...

Annie and Colby -

Darcy is so adorable. That is funny that she started saying that she was going to "throw up"...good way of giving her that bag and also the medicine cup with water in it. WOW...She is too cute!

Josh and Jadey said...

I miss the girls! "Placebo" effect.. Ha!