Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life in the Middle #2

"And this icelandic phrase just means, Thanks for the foot. You say it as a courtesy after meals ."

Well that's wierd, I thought, Why in the world would you say thanks for the foot after a meal. Is there some sort of old cultural explanation to this? I have got to ask a question on this one.

"So are you saying that "Takk fyrir matinn" means thanks for the foot and you say it after a meal? Is that like our vocabulary word maturinn, the foot?"

"Yes, maturinn means 'the foot', it is with the article. It is deifinite. Here it just is matinn, or foot. Thanks for the foot."

I watch as Annie flips to the page in her notebook where she has drawn a wild picture of the human body and adds the parts as we learn them in class. Beside the foot she writes in 'maturinnn'. This just isn't making any sense to me. Why do they thank someone for the foot after the meal.Usually if we have wierd phrases like this he gives some historical explanation about how the phrase developed, why isn't he doing it for this one. I have to ask again, maybe he didn't understand me?

"So does this come from some history of people eating sheep feet or something, that explains why they say, "Thanks for the foot" instead of "Thanks for the food?"

"I don't understand what you mean. That's what I'm saying, "Thanks for the food (pronounced foot). It is something you eat,I don't know what you mean about sheep feet. The word is matinn, it means food (foot)."

"Ok, so 'matinn' means food and 'maturinn' means foot."

"No, they are the same word, they mean food (foot). One is indefinite. One is definite."

Oh, now it is making sense. I heard him wrong on the same word in two different lessons. Annie, the teacher, and I all realize what has happened and we begin to laugh. I look over and Annie is scratching her label out on her picture of the human body with a sigh.

Language students hear the darnedest things. Or was that, Kids say the darnedest things. Or maybe being a language student is just like being a kid again.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Lefty said...

This happens to me all the time
Hope God blesses your stay from the Marks family!

Pelt Family said...

Sounds like a "Who's on First" thing.

Josh and Jadey said...

I am not going to lie. The picture with the foot coming out of his mouth grossed me out. I think it bothered me more that Annie had to mess up her notes. I hated when that would happen in a class!!!

Anonymous said...

That picture is CREEPY!!

Learning a new language and being totally dipped into the culture has to be hard...

I am glad you got it straightened out...HA HA!! Actually, when I first started reading I thought "Thanks for the foot" - Meant thanks for stepping into my house and thanks for the hospitality...Like thanks for coming...

But food makes better sense!!

Very Funny! I can totally see Annie drawing a human body...

I hope you are all well...munchkins and all.

Dagný said...

That was hilarious... I can totally picture that haha

Now you just gotta blog about "því miður" ;)

Annie Garman said...

Dagny-I'll let you blog about that one!