Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hvað er þetta? (What is this?)

Þetta er tengdamamma. (This is...)

Og Þetta er tengdamamma mín. (And this is my...)

Today, both of my language teachers explained to us that Icelanders call a staple remover and a mother-in-law by the same name. The word "tengdamamma" is literally the word for mother-in-law, but the likeness that many mother-in-laws bear to the sharp teeth of a staple remover has resulted in the name being given to this otherwise harmless tool. Below is what many Icelanders apparently call a "tengdamammahús". I'll let you figure that one out. When asked about my mother-in-law, I answered, "Tengdamamma mín er mjörg skemmtileg."


Riss! said...

oh you have got to love Icelandera and their twisted language.

Catie said...

just letting you know the redhead from the south state of LA (catie) is keeping up with you! i would love to come run with yall in a race one day!

Pelt Family said...

Is that where you would normally put your mother-in-law during a long trip? said...

You are an astute fellow. But I already knew that.

Of course you are always welcome. Glitnir Rekjavik Marathon and 1/2 Marathon are in August. Midnight 10K in June around the 20th

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about the a stapler and the mother in law being the same word! WOW! Also, that is a really good picture of Mrs. Haley. And what is that cat's name? Is that Helen's cat?? I love it. Did Mrs. Haley ever talk to my husband's cousin from Iceland?? Svala?? In Chaseburg/Coon Valley, WI?? I hope you guys are well. Any news on the VISA's?? I hope Annie is feeling better. Still praying for you guys.