Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have to say....being back in America for the Fourth of July was SO amazing. It was the best Fourth I can remember; I appreciate my country more than I ever have. We were able to go to three different fireworks shows. For the first one, I just stepped outside and was able to see the firework show from our front porch. It was like my own personal worship service as the sky filled with lights and I just thanked God for our freedom. This year, as the national anthem was sung, I listened and hung onto every word.

The parade that our community threw on July 3rd, however, was the quietest parade I'd ever been to. The kids brought bags to collect all their candy and were stoaked to participate in a good 'ol American parade. Darcy collected ONE Werther's Original and ONE peppermint wheel. The parade mostly consisted of elderly people driving by in old cars....every 4 minutes. At one point during a big lull, a teenage boy walked on the street past us. Colby, ever the comedian, started clapping for him to provide some humor to the people around us. Darcy looked up at Colby and with honest amazement asked, "Did that boy fighted in the Civil War?"
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VeronĂ­ka said...

Ha, ha, ha Darcy. My kids asked that about me when we were studying the civil war.